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The training program is one of the components of the Project's Action Plan;
Other components include technical assistance and workshops.

The Training Program has been based on the beneficiaries' training needs identified during questionaire studies and study visits.

The training is delivered in the following areas:


  • Security for ENPI and CA countries
  • ATM for ENPI and CA countries
  • EU Acquis for ENPI countries.

More details of the program and courses can be found in the menu items.


The ENPI Training Plan

This ENPI training plan is based on the outcomes of the inception period and the ENPI gap analysis; which so far deals with the following technical domains: market access (MAR), environment (ENV), other regulations - social/consumer protection (SOC). 

The training plan applies to most of the remaining period of the project lifespan, more or less till the end of 2014 (T0+34). Nevertheless, it shall be reviewed to include the yet uncovered ATM/ANS technical domain once this pending question will have been clarified by EASA, unless it is eventually decided to manage this domain as a separate entity in WP2bis. This ENPI training plan could also be updated should additional training needs for ENPI countries arise as the project unfolds. If the case arises, further issues of this document will be issued to take into consideration this development.

The components defined in this training plan, i.e. academic courses, workshops and the study tour are available to all ENPI countries on an equal basis. Furthermore, part of these contents may also be reflected in the road map to be prepared and tailored to each ENPI country. Therefore, the different road maps, besides their own specific technical assistance actions, will also rely on this common training plan to get familiarized with the EU acquis.


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