Civil Aviation Safety and Security
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ANSP Air Navigation Service Providers
AOC Aircraft Operator Certificate
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATM Air Traffic Management
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
EC European Commission
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
ENPI European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument
ENV Environmental Issues
ETS Emission Trading Scheme
EU European Union
IAC CIS Interstate Aviation Committee (also known as MAK)
IATA International Air Transport Association
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
MAK CIS Interstate Aviation Committee (Russian acronym for IAC)
MoT Ministry of Transport
MoTS Ministry of Transport and Communications
NIS New Independent States
NSA National Safety Agency
OJT On Job Training
OPS Air Transport Operations
OVI Objectively Verifiable Indicators
PEL Personal Licensing
SMS Safety Management System
SSE Safety, Security and Environment
TA Technical Assistance
TRACECA  Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia

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